Sunday, August 5, 2012

Repeat Button

This week I'm so anxious to share this perfect pair of singin' sisters with you! My bestie sent this video to me saying, "Get ready for your newest obsession" and two notes in I replied, "You're soo right!" I watched all 14 of their videos right then and there, have subscribed to them on youtube and I'm eagerly waiting for more. These adorable sisters have the cutest style, names that I'm jealous of, (Lennon & Maisy) and sound like angels when they're harmonizing together. This video is my favorite because it's their newest, so their voices are polished and stronger than ever, and because they're making the music using their hands and kitchenware! (I can't even pat my head and rub my belly.) Oh and one more thing, they're only 12 and 8. Enjoy.

A huge happy birthday to my Dad today!
Drey $ Nicole


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  2. So cute!<3

    Following ya!<3
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  3. I've watched them singing "I wont give up" by jason mraz like 15 times.
    I love them too!