Thursday, August 2, 2012

The fair part II: Petting Zoo

1. & 2. Is he telling me goat secrets or trying to eat my hair?
3. Mama pig and Papa pig are separated by bars, but doesn't that look like true love?! So sweet.
4. This is pure piglet cuteness overload. (Imagine hearing the newborn piglet snorts and squeals! Can I have one?!)
5. The most curly q fuzzy haired cow I ever did see!
6. Little baby animals eating out of the palm of your hand is high up there on the 'best things ever' list.
7. Lazy lama mamas. 
8. An 'in your face' cow. (That big snout tickled my palm!)
9. Baberz feeding our most favorite little goat buddy.
10. I'm glad my mister loves animals as much as me. Maybe my backyard mini farm dream will come true!
11. & 12. Don't those faces scream "take me home with you, guys!?" We wish, cuties!

Hope your checking all your summer favorites off the list 
before the seasons over! 
Drey $ Nicole


  1. Lovely pics:)thanks for visiting my blog and yes, I would love to follow you!
    I hope you do that, too!