Thursday, August 16, 2012

Surprise Visit Day 4: Knott's Berry Farm

Contrary to spending the day at a young spirited theme park,
it really had me feeling rather old. It'd been quite some time
since I'd ridden on a roller coaster and I've gotta tell ya, it kinda
rattled my brain and jerked my bones to exhaustion pretty early on.
I learned that I am more afraid of heights than even I myself knew, 
and that I'm not as spontaneous or fearless as I was once or would
like to be. However, I did ride every ride in the park excluding the
water rides, (have you smelled that water?!) and the boat will forever be my 
favorite. My mom even jumped on a couple coasters and we had some fun 
convos while we sat out the repeat rides for the other two. It was so 
much fun squeezing misters hand tight, laughing at screamy face photos, and watching him be the sweetest and so cute with Trinity. He said she stole his heart when she made friends with another kiddie in line and said she 
was here visiting her "aunt and uncle." Precious.
Having her here this week and doing so many kid things has got the both
of us feeling preeetty baby crazy. I keep reminding toots that I
hate odd numbers and I don't want a baby born in 2013 but then I just
feel a little silly. Were gonna keep pushing through and try to hold out
as long as possible, but I know it will come sooner rather than later, 
especially with his eagerness for a baby and my weakness for babies.
It's weird how it's what I've looked forward to my whole life, and now that 
it's here in front of me, the subject makes me so scared and anxious,
but like an excited scared and anxious! Eeeek! I can say though,
 that I'm more confident in doing anything to move forward with him
than I have been ever before in my life by a landslide. I couldn't
be happier with the person I chose and I feel too lucky that he 
chose me back. (This got way off topic.) KNOTT'S!

Drey $ Nicole


  1. so sweet. I'm right there with you on the baby thing, lady. it's like the next big thing, I'm finally at that crossroad, and I'm going, wait just one more second. I want to take that road trip, or do one more round of shopping just for me or or.... ;) but it's a comin'

  2. My husband keeps saying he wants to take me to Knott's Berry Farm someday, I guess he grew up around there. But I'm also at the point where I do not like roller coasters anywhere near as much as I used to!