Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Surprise Visit Day 3: Dinner and Movies on the Beach

After a long day of soakin' in the ocean and the suns warm rays,
we polished up with a shower and hit a local favorite called Berth 55!
It's the freshest seafood in town and it's a true hidden gem!
(Took us a couple re-routes on the maps AND a pull into a gas
station for some help to find it!) It's so good that it's quite the
controversy around town right now! Someone with the city is trying
to out buy the owner of 40 years because the spot is ideal for 
his potential docking plans. This has the town in a fit, posting
pleads rants and raves in their reviews online, and even going so
far as to start a petition to keep the place in business. (Which
we signed after dinner.) 

After stuffing our guts with loads of halibut, calamari and snapper,
we topped the night off with the weekly showing of Movies on the Beach.
Trinity was extra excited over seeing Titanic, having only seen half of it.
She even out did mister and stayed awake until the very end!
I feel a new tradition coming on.

Drey $ Nicole

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