Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Best Birthday Part II

After posting about the first half of the day yesterday, we set off on our bikes and headed to the last half of my surprise filled day. We made a pit stop for champagne and arrived at a little pier on the Bay. My first guess was that we were going to ride on a sailboat because there were rows and rows of them around, but I should have known my toots is even more original than that! Everything was timed out perfectly as usual, and we stepped into our private gondola (!!!) just at sunset! Mister busted out our roots and brought the Italia vibe to us here in Long Beach! Our champagne was chilled in a bucket of ice between us, 'that's amore' and other Italian tunes were serenading us in the background, and the sunset dancing across the ripples in the water all had me feeling like a lucky babe from the bachelor.
After an hour of Italian bliss, we decided on a wimb to stop in a tiny little place called Gypsy's that we'd always wanted to try. We went family style with everything and had falafels, hummus, pita bread, mediterranean salad, a persian veggie mix, and the most amazing slide off the bone lamb in the world. We finished the meal -and the best day ever- off with a fancy espresso and off we went. I can't say it enough you guys, best hubby, best. day. ever. 

Drey $ Nicole

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  1. OH MY GOSH. i love your blog! i love the pictures and your style. You've got a new follow(: I'm glad i came across it!