Friday, August 17, 2012

The Best Birthday Part I

My toots had a master plan for my birthday this morning while he was away 
at work, and it was so genius I had to share it with you all before the day
is even over! Let me just throw in there that I am the happiest girl ever
and daily ask myself how I got so freakin' lucky with this guy!
I had been swooning over this for weeks in the window of a Moroccan store
on our street and said something about it everyday when we passed by. 
About a month ago it went missing and I was kicking myself for not getting
it before this mysterious person swooped in and bought it. Good thing it was
just my boy!
I cried when I opened this you guys!!!!! Isn't that bookmark cute! We got a little penguin thing going on over here, they find their one and only and mate 
for life!
Sugar is now home and were about to head out to the next surprise spot!
So excited to find out what we'll be doing and I'll share it will you all later!
I've gotten one little hint that it's something "outside." Hmm...
Stay peeled and find out soon!

Birthday $ Girl


  1. Omg I wanted to cry too....ahhhh I loved it all! Happy Birthday girl and enjoy your beautiful evening with your penguin! xox

  2. I got teary eyed! haha
    He gets MAJOR brownie points.