Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dear Baby: Week 23

Dear Baby,
The Dr. says I've gained four pounds since my visit last month, which I fully blame on the growth spurt you've recently had. She says I need to start drinking more fluids now, and to shoot for a full glass every single hour! It's going to be very hard. We got to hear your heart beat on the doppler and it's beating louder and faster than ever. You're growing so strong! We also found out that our Dr. does her deliveries at the hospital that we were hoping for, and we're really excited about that! It's one of the best in all of California, so you'll be in great hands. She says they're good about not pushing interventions and medication, which was a relief to me. They encourage mother-baby bonding from second one, so you'll be placed in my arms immediately and even stay in my room 24/7, instead of an infant nursery like most hospitals. I've been thinking about all the pregnancy cliches lately and I realized that I haven't had any real cravings. Yeah I go crazy for sweets when we're at the grocery store, but that's just normal me. I can't fall asleep these day without focusing on my breathing and nothing else. Otherwise, I just lay there for 3 hour, mostly daydreaming of you, remembering everything that happened throughout the day, and paragraphs at a time of writing for the blog that just spills out, but that I can never remember in the morning. Next week we'll get to see you in action again, and it's our favorite time of the month. I can't wait to see how your face has developed and how much you've grown. Plus you just look so cute when your squirming around and swatting your arms. Because of you, we finally got a washer and dryer put into our home this week! Everyone was saying that it was a must have with a newborn, and going to the laundry mat once every few weeks just wasn't going to cut it. It's so much more convenient and exciting to do right here in our space at any time, so thank you for the excuse! You will be here in less than 4 short months, and I know it's going to fly. I can't wait! We love you more than all the laundry we'll ever have to do! XOXO MAMABEAR


  1. Are you guys doing regular or cloth diapers (hence the laundry? or just for all the spit up and whatnot?)? Two girls at a school I work at are pregnant and the one is debating between cloth and regular. Just curious!

    1. We're going with cloth! It'll be a lot cheaper in the long run, better for the environment and cloth diaper babies potty train faster! I'm sure we'll keep a pack of regulars on hand here and there for traveling and rush situations though.

  2. Such cute pictures! Makes me miss my baby bump!