Monday, March 4, 2013

Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

Once I found out I was eating for two, I knew right away that I had to change my eating habits. I've always eaten healthy, it's just that I would only eat two or three large meals a day or sometimes even forget to eat. Not to mention, foods that were my favorite before were now making me nauseous, and stuffing my belly too full only sent me running to hug the toilet. After doing my research and reading the loads and loads of "do's and dont's" and "pregnancy superfoods" lists online, I learned I needed to eat 3 small meals and 3 snacks every day. Typically that would mean a small breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a snack between each. Doing this keeps the vomiting on lock, as well as a healthy weight gain rate. It also keeps baby getting a steady stream of nutrients throughout the day because they can only take so much at one time. However, even if you're following all of this, it's no good unless you're drinking tons of water. The water is what helps carry all the nutrients to baby, and if you're not getting enough, they're not getting to him. This has been something I've really had to work on because I find it hard to remember to drink between eating. It was all very overwhelming at first. I didn't see how I could possibly get all of the required vitamins and nutrients these sites were telling me I needed in just one day, only to have to start over and do it again the next day! That's so much eating! I finally found a balance and realized you really have to eat handfuls at a time, all the time, and never let yourself get quit full. Once I really got in the groove of eating tiny portions non-stop, I got into a routine at the grocery store and quickly had some favorite go to's. Below is just handful of some of my most eaten snacks to kick the pregnancy symptoms and feed baby right. They're all quick, yummy, and very healthy! 

A few more must haves for me are:

Omega 3 eggs, green grapes, banana & peanut butter sandwhiches, whole wheat bread, spinach & kale salad, low-fat plain yogurt, cottage cheese with a dash of pepper & Tony Chachere seasoning, oranges, berries, celery & peanut butter, brown rice & tofu, red & green bell peppers, whole wheat pasta with pepper & virgin olive oil, black beans, avocado, and salmon-always.

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