Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dear Baby: Week 22

Dear Baby,
This has certainly been a week of firsts! I got the very first heartburn of my life, you got your first online baby shower gift, and your papa felt you move for the first time! You should have seen his face, baby. He got so scared he jerked his hand away real fast, but once he got used to it he couldn't get enough. We officially think you're meant to be a musician. You move the most when we have your little playlist near my belly, and we were actually watching American Idol the first time your papa felt you because you were squirming so much! I've noticed you really prefer the right side of my belly. That's where you always are when I can feel you anyway. I started using a body pillow between my knees and ankles when I sleep, and it's so comfy I don't even wake up to pee anymore. Our walks have really been paying off because I haven't been in any kind of pain, despite the fact that you're growing so rapidly lately. Your wardrobe is growing little by little, and it amazes me how teeny your clothes are every time I go to fold something new. I just can't wait to hold you sweet boy! Keep growing! We love you tons. XOXO MAMABEAR


  1. Hi Andrea. It's Grace from mommaof3and1cat over from Instagram.

    You're gonna be such a sweet momma. I wish I had a blog when I was pregnant with my first almost 16 years ago. I wonder if personal blogs were even out then.
    And I really like your sandals. Although living in Seattle is pretty cool I still miss southern CA {san diego} a lot.

  2. Oh this is SO sweet! What a sweet idea to be writing to your baby. You are such a cute little pregnant mommy. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at