Sunday, March 3, 2013

Repeat Button

Ever since I've lived in California, I've been a stay at home blogger, etsy shop owner and full time mama to our two Bentleys. Mister is away all day slaving in the kitchen at his restaurant from 8-4 and when I've got down time at the house, it can be pretty quiet and lonely. He works Tuesday through Sunday and by the time Sunday rolls around, I'm pretty over the week alone and so ready for his two days off so we can spend time together. The days are so much more fun and fast when he's around making me laugh and even just there to talk to, making some noise in the house unlike the rest of the week. I'm always reminded of this Bjork song when Sundays are here because the words are just perfect. I love how she can take something as simple as missing someone and turning it into something so deep with her twisted and creative words. The first video is probably my favorite version of this song because it's live with only a piano, and you can see the passion on her face and hear it more in her voice. The second video, the official one, is like all of her videos. The visuals are so out of this world and different, and really tell the song's story. 

Drey $ Nicole

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