Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inspiration Nation

A few days ago my best friend, Siera J, told me to check out A Beautiful Mess blog. I went to new reader, and came across Elsie's cute little vintage store with a sweet shoppe, run by her equally adorable little sister. There they serve yummy treats like cupcakes, cake pops and bubble tea, right inside the vintage store! Two birds...!? One stop shop!? I instantly became inspired and although I could not go to the actual store, (as badly as my little heart wanted to!) I ran down the street to my favorite local bubble tea shop called Bethany's, and got the usual house drink: cassia seed milk tea with boba. I enjoyed my treat on the stoop of my home, soaking in the sun, just breathing, thinking, and letting that good 'ol vitamin D fill my body with endorphines. My roomate, Oliver even joined me in conversation, funny photos and laughter. Marley cat and Bentley came out and explored in the sun too! So thank you, Elsie, for inspiring a good few hours of my day today from the simpliest little detail in your blog. I look forward to becoming a daily reader.

Happy inspirings!
Drey $ Nicole

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