Sunday, February 12, 2012

Twisted Root

My town recently got a Twisted Root Burger joint and I can't say enough, go go go! It's so witty and cute inside! The menu mainly consist of burgers but there are a lot of interesting topping creations, along with veggie, buffalo, and viel burgers! First time around I got the verde, with green chili, guaq and pepperjack cheese. More recently I've gotten Big Tex, with cheddar cheese, guac, fried onion strings and chipotle sauce. Both amazing and worth a try! May I also recommend what was written in sharpie on the wall, "p.s. get an adult shake." I listened. The vodka wedding cake shake was delish, but enough for two. Date idea anyone? When you place your order, you get a little card that tells what to listen for when they call you on the overhead speaker. They are all famous people's names so it's fun to hear them calling out "Audrey Hepburn, your food is ready!" (That's who I got by the way. Yeah, I'll take that!) The whole space is so cool. There's kind of an 80's vibe going on in there, playing hair band metal, and a whole rv turned bar on wheels right inside. It's kind of beachy, college, saved by the bell hang out type of spot. I'm just in love with this place and I'm going to take everyone I know.

Audrey $ Hepburn

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