Sunday, February 19, 2012

California for Valentines

I've never been one for the not-a-real holiday they call 'Valentines,' but this year was different. Maybe I was just with all the wrong people before now, but mister certainly blew every love story out of the water. (Yes, even the Notebook.) My day started still in bed with my favorite Starbucks drink made just right, and a sweet little harmonica playing session by Gian. Then the little sneaky sneak brought out a heart covered bag of goodies, a dozen roses, a plush pink teddy, and a PENGUIN balloon while I was out walking the pups. (Did you know I'm obsessed with penguins and when they find their love they mate for life? Hint hint. Awwww!) Inside the bag was a super cute dress, hoop earrings and a lego ring that he had picked out for me at a local vintage store before I even got here. I'm normally extremely picky with clothing and would advise anyone to just not gift shop for me in that department, but he did so good I couldn't believe it! We had a day full of reservations that were all secrets to me, but the whole town knew about it already. Can I just say how sweet and friendly everyone in Long Beach is by the way? I've never gotten so many hugs, warm welcomes, and "we've heard so much about you" in my life! Everyone knows each other and looks out for each other and you can't walk a block without running into a friend! Anyhow, I was told to get ready while he chopped it up in the kitchen for our first surprise. Picnic on the beach! We had the most secluded spot with a picnic blanket, beach umbrella, and deli sandwiches to die for. Who knew sandwiches could even be that good!? The perks of dating a chef. We ate and played in the water and slow danced and spun and laughed and drew our names in the sand and it was really a big disgusting cheese fest, but it was perfect. We met up with a friend and had a pitcher of THE BEST BEER EVER called strawberry blonde, at our new found favorite spot, BBC. We've been there four times this week but that's a whole other topic I'll get to another time. We hurried home and I was told to put on something I wouldn't mind getting a little dirty...Hmm. I was so confused and nervous but it ended up being a pottery class! Que the awww's once more! I think he was just trying to impress me because he was really good at it, but he swears it was just his first time too. They gave us wine, dimmed the lights, and played the song from that pottery scene in ghost! Too funny! We get a call in 6 to 8 weeks to go back and glaze them and bring them home. So excited to see how they turn out! Next stop was a fancy smancy dinner at a fine dining restaurant called Nico's. Of course Gian knows the owner like he knows everyone so he sent a bottle of wine and desserts to our table. Dinner was candle-lit and amazing across the board, and to prove that, I'll just say it pretty much sealed the deal for the whole day, whole seven years we've known each other, and ended in a big fat ENGAGEMENT! Best life.

Happiest of happys,
Drey $ Nicole

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