Monday, February 6, 2012

How did I get so lucky?!

Today Marley cat went out for a stroll and being a cat, can push open but not close the door behind him. Marley will go in and out and return all through the day as he pleases. Bentley however, does not come back. So the screen door was cracked by Marley cat, Bentley snuck out while I was washing dishes, went missing for 30 very long minutes, and lead mom to some real treasures I wouldn't have ever come across otherwise! Thanks for scheming little animals, I know it was all a set up! So while driving around looking for B, my eyes caught a glimpse of an old coca-cola cooler, tin sign, and huge original canvas painting done by twentieth century artist Roy Mason , ALL OUT ON A CURB! How did I get so lucky?! How was this just sitting there, untouched, on a curb in the middle of a busy neighborhood?! The house behind this curb looked unlived in so of course these pieces quickly became mine. I couldn't even believe it. My adrenaline was racing and I felt like I was doing something bad, while simultaneously shaking out of my skin from shock and excitement. (Try saying that one five times real fast.) Oh the thrill!!

Your trash $ My Treasure.

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