Friday, February 3, 2012

Early Dismissal

Today my sister gave me permission to pull my little babies out of school a couple hours early. TGIF! They were just as excited to see me as I was them, and I got the cutest picture of them spotting me from down the hall and proceeding to run full speed my way! I marveled over their cute little self picked outfits and then we had some fun in the sun. Ty and Trinity picked dandelions, made wishes, spun around, ran around, jumped on my back, giggled, and then got hungry. We took a short snack break consisting of cranberry pomegranate juice and freshly sliced pineapple. (Followed by the juice of course!) When it was time for me to run, they made it hard as always, hugging tight, repeating "I love you" in that pure little kiddo voice. They went ahead and kept the nagging guilt trip going by waving from the curb until my car was out of sight. Oi. You can just call me a sucker.

Make a wish,
Drey $ Nicole

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