Thursday, February 9, 2012

Project Pieces

I've made friends and partnered up with a sweet little couple around the way. They're retired and in love and they do cute things together all day like dig for cool rocks, bones, old bottles and jars, and hunt for interesting and unique objects. I was so excited to get a call this week to come check out some new things and I headed right over. Here are some their awesome discoveries I picked up and am so in love with!

They found these beautiful rocks by water I believe, gold cubes developed naturally by the earth. Neat!

This really interesting light fixture was pulled out of an old 60's house undergoing a full strip and remodel. The colored blocks in it are all stained glass, and it is just gorgeous when the light is coming through it! Shop centerpiece light? Yes, please.

And last but far from least, vintage fish hooks! I have a project idea in mind for these adorable little retros. Stay tuned folks!

Drey $ Nicole

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