Friday, February 10, 2012

Flower Child

I was strolling up and down the aisles of Aldi this afternoon repeating to myself, "You're only here for basics Drey, you're only here for basics." And then THIS happened. I'm just gonna go ahead and blame it on the floral shirt design I've got on today for subconsciously putting flowers on the brain. The flashy 99c while supplies last sign didn't exactly help either. Aren't they pretty though?!

Flower $ Child

P.S. - I just love Aldi, by the way! It's a small supermarket based out of Germany. They sell only "off brands," local farmers market produce, and a lot of unique, one time only products, so prices are super low. They don't advertise, decorate, or bag your items, and everything is just laid out on pallets. A little like Sam's but a lot smaller and way less corporate America. You have to put a quarter in your buggy to pull it out, but it's returned once you place the buggy back. Big on reuse, recycle, and take only what you need. <3


  1. lovely flowers.. I wouldve bought them too x

  2. I love flowers, what beautiful colors they have =) and your shirt is super cute too!!!

  3. I LOVE ALDI! It saves me a TON on my grocery budget, its crazy! A lot of people have never heard about it, but I can't even imagine how much everyone could save shopping there. Plus, I really love their strudel and cakes that are german authentic!
    I need to see if they have some .99 flowers are my local aldi!

    Love your style! :)