Thursday, February 2, 2012

Let's Meet!

Allow me to introduce myself. Whether you're here because you know me, think you know me, or want to know me, WELCOME!! I'm Andrea, twenty-two and some change, sweet as can be, single. I have two jobs, one for parks & recs (yes, a real life Amy Pohler character), and one at a concert venue. I have a house that I love in a cute little 50's looking neighborhood (with a friendly walking route mailman and everything!), two precious pups, a pet rat and a Marley cat. I can't just say cat because he's one of his own. I work loads but when I'm not working I relax in the sun a lot, get crafty, find beauty in things most people over look, and my favorite of all: THRIFT SHOP, bargain shop, search for lost treasures and diamonds in the rough, whatever you wanna call it! That's my passion. Nothing makes me happier than scoring a one of a kind unique item for a steal. So here I will document the small but beautiful moments I enjoy in my life, the amazing antiques I come across, my random thoughts, neat food places I eat, and even some clothing, decor, art, and thrifty chic items for sale! (If you ever see anything you would like to have, shoot an email over to Cant wait to make new friends and swap stories and ideas with you all!

High Dollar Hippie
Drey $ Nicole

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