Monday, February 13, 2012

The miracle superfood

I've been growing the miracle superfood called wheatgrass for awhile now, and here's why! Although it literally taste like freshly mowed grass from the lawn, and you need an orange to the mouth quick after a shot, the health benefits of wheatgrass are far worth the brief taste issue. Plus it's super easy and fun to grow! Not to mention works double as a cool plant addition in your home! One time, long ago before I started all this, I ordered a shot at Jamba Juice and ten minutes later puked it all up from healthy overload, no kidding. Once you get all the toxin junk out of your body though, and get in the habit of a daily shot, you won't feel so nauseous. In fact, you're body will feel worse without it. To hear all about the benefits of this amazing plant, just go here. (He's a little wacky but good to look at, and if you can get through the weirdness, he really knows what he's talking about!) Then when you're all informed and motivated to grow your own, (cause I know you will be!) come back here and I'll teach you the way I grow my wheatgrass!

-I use hard red winter wheat berries from Whole Foods.
-Put 1 cup of seeds in a mason jar or glass of water, and let it soak over night.
-The next day, strain it and rinse the seeds thoroughly a couple of times, dump all the water out, and set it aside (Do this twice a day, about every 12 hours)
-After about a day and a half, you'll start seeing little sprouts shoot up.
-Lay the sprouted seeds evenly spread over a thin layer of wet, organic soil in a seed grazing tray. Should look something like this:

-Cover it with a piece of newspaper and pour a little water over it to get the paper damp.

-Keep it dark and moist like this for a couple days, then uncover and you'll see pretty long sprouts like this:

-Your grass is ready for sunlight. Move it over to a window, and water it a couple times a day.

-Three or four days later, it will be ready to cut, juice and drink!

A little shot of healthy! (Trust me though, you'll need the orange.)

Cheers to health,
Drey $ Nicole

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