Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A dose of Drey: Fact #2

A dose of Drey: Fact #2
My favorite food in the entire world is salmon. If I was a murderer on death row, and I got to choose my last meal before being electrocuted to death, you bet your bottom dollar it would be salmon. And I wouldn't request for it to be from some fancy five star restaurant, my favorite salmon is made by my dad. You can give me the most amazing salmon cooked by a professional chef, that is technically cooked better and yeah I would enjoy it, but I would still prefer my dads. Sounds weird, but he coats his with mustard and cinnamon (it doesn't end up tasting like it), and puts it on the grill. It comes out so juicy and healthy oily, it's just fresh and perfect! His job has him in Florida right now so it's a real treat when he comes home and my salmon cravings are filled. He always cooks a few days worth for me to bring home to my house, it never really lasts a few days though, shh! What's your favorite food? Leave me your most favorite recipes, I would love to make and review them myself! Try cooking my dad's exact version below and let me know what ya think!

Sincerely salmon,
Drey $ Nicole

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  1. Tried this out tonight! Soooo yummy!! ������