Thursday, February 16, 2012

College Park Center opens

Earlier this month the local college had a grand opening for a brand new basketball stadium. Thanks to my job I got tickets to opening night! Olly and I went last minute and had a blast. With a ribbon cutting ceremony, halftime show, news reporters, and lively atmosphere, it was kind of awesome! I'm so excited that they're turning this area into a pretty nice little college town. We're getting cute little eat in's, bike friendly lanes, and making everything more accessible for walking distances. Makes me want to get involved and show support and spirit! I'd love it to eventually be a whole lot like Austin, but I think that's a little stretch. Anyway, the stadium is like a mini American Airlines Center, so nice! Whether you're into basketball or not, I'd encourage you to go to an event here at least to see it. If you're a local it'll make you proud! (p.s. - I hear Drake will be playing there real soon. Of course all the students sold the place out in a matter of minutes, but how exciting for a new venue so close!)

Show your spirit,
Drey $ Nicole

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